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Monday, February 8, 2010

My Kits!

Hello Scrapland!  In the past month I received a couple of layouts using my and Scraps of Ellay’s Goodfellas kits and I was soooo excited that I wanted to show them to you all!  I want to thank Marissa and Diana for sharing their wonderful scrapping talent with me!

This first one is by Diana and its just too cute!  I really think all cats have a mafia attitude at heart :) 

Palco - Godkitteh

This next one is by Marissa and it came with such a funny/cute story!  Her and her family were in New York and her son went up to some NBC employees, in a restaurant, out of the blue.   He asked them  "Do these jeans make my butt look big?"  Then the NBC employees  started cracking up and one of them replied with “What are you? A wiseguy?”  along with a few more witty comments.  I would have peed my pants laughing if a kid came up to me like that!!!  So here is the next big star of NBC with our Goodfellas backdrop :)


Thanks again ladies!  It makes my day to know that people enjoy my designs!  Happy Scrapping!

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