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Thursday, June 30, 2011

Secret Family Recipe

Hello Scrapland!  Sorry, I’m not revealing a super scrumptious family recipe today!  I’m showing you the super cute new kit that River Rose just released!  It’s called Secret Family Recipe and has some really fun colors and elements in it.  She even made a nice template pack to go along with the kit, so that it’s easier for you to quickly jot down your recipes and put in the picture.  Here’s what I did with the kit:


Here are the kit and templates previews, click them to go check them out in the store:

Hope you like what you see!  Happy Scrapping!

Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Super Conductor

Hello Scrapland!  During the summer, the military gets free admission to tons of museums across the country.  Many, many children’s museums are included, including the one closest to my house!  So, I like to take the kids there a few times a year, and it’s a Great place for pictures!  So, when Pardon the Mess made this latest kit, I was super excited to get to scrapping!  Here’s a layout I made with a picture from the children’s museum:


Here’s the kit preview, click it to go check it out in the store!

I hope you enjoy!  Happy Scrapping!

Thursday, June 23, 2011

Far Away

Hello Scrapland!  As most of you probably know, Alice and I are best friends, but we don’t live anywhere near each other because the military split us apart.  In fact, that’s why our blog is called Always Be Neighbors Designs.  Because we used to be next door neighbors and through cell phones and the internet, we keep in touch almost as if we were still neighbors.  So, when Pardon the Mess came up with this kit, I was beyond excited!  Far Away is a kit made just for people like Alice and I!  People you care about and keep in touch with, but don’t get to see very often!  Check out my layout:


Here is the preview, click it if you want to check it out in the store!

Happy Scrapping everyone!

Tuesday, June 21, 2011


Hello Scrapland!  I’m back today to show you another one of Pardon the Mess’s kits.  It’s called Mayberry and I think the colors are wonderful!  Here’s the layout I did with it:


Here’s the preview, click it to check it out in the store!

Have fun shopping!  See you back here soon!

Friday, June 17, 2011

Dreaming of You

Hello Scrapland!  I’m here to show you another kit that Pardon the Mess has in her store over at Scrapable.  I had fun playing with it, and I find that it’s very versatile!  I did more of a heritage page, but there’s a bunch of glitter in the kit too, so you could easily do an elegant or love type of layout with it!  Here’s my page:


Here’s the kit preview, click it to go see it in the store…then stick around and check out the rest of her fun kits!

She has a bunch of other kits in store that she is letting us play with, so I will definitely be back with some more messiness for you soon!  Happy Scrapping!

Thursday, June 16, 2011

Funky Fusion

Hello Scrapland!  Are you ready for another uniquely fun kit from River Rose?  She has gotten down with her funky self again to come up with her new kit, Funky Fusion.  It’s doodly, it’s fun, it’s funky!  I had SOOOOO much fun playing with it!  Check out the layout I made:


Here’s the preview, click it to be taken to the store!

I hope you like this as much as I do!  Happy Scrapping!

Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Dixieland Delight

Hello Scrapland!  I told you I’d be right back!  This time I have a fun patriotic kit that has been getting me in the mood for the 4th of July!  It’s great for traditional patriotic layouts, or if you are from the south or visit the south, you can scrap all of your rebel pictures too!  Check out what I did with it:

Here’s the kit preview, click it to go check it out in the store!

I hope you enjoy!  As always, more eye candy coming soon!

Sting Like A Bee

Hello Scrapland!  Today, Scraps of Ellay is releasing a kit that is has a theme about a different kind of scrapping!  Her motivation was an event where the boy she babysits gave his dad a black eye.  The kit turned out so fun and all of us Stars of Ellay found out that it’s a much needed kit by just about everyone!  Here are the layouts I made with it:



Here’s the preview, click it to check it out in the store!

I’ll see you back here in a few with a new Pardon The Mess kit!

Saturday, June 11, 2011

Pardon the Mess!

Hello Scrapland!  Time for the big surprise…I’m now a Mess Maker for Pardon the Mess!  She’s pretty new in the professional designer world, but her kits are so bright and fun!  I was just able to work with her kit Sticks and Stones and loved every minute!  Check out the cute dino page I made:

Here’s the bundle preview, click it to head to her store at Scrapable, then check out everything else she has while you are there!

So, be prepared to see a lot more mess making on this blog!  Lol!  And to see a lot more eye candy coming through here!

Livin’ Life Loud

Hello Scrapland!  River Rose is at it again, making bright and fun kits like nothing you’ve seen before!  This week she released a kit called Livin’ Life Loud and it’s just fabulous!  I had so much fun using it to try making one of those angle layouts!  Here’s what I did with it:


Here’s the preview for the bundle I used, click it to go check it out in the store!

Fun, isn’t it?  I never get enough of River Rose’s uniqueness!  She’s truly inspirational!  Well, that’s all for today, but I will be back soon with more to show you and a surprise!  (clue: I joined another new CT Smile )

Sunday, June 5, 2011

I am hosting a Scraplift Challenge…this is Alice :)

Good evening Scrapland! I am hosting a Scraplift Challenge over at Mousescrappers.com. I can’t believe I decided to host a challenge, but I am. I have another coming up later in the summer, but this is my first. It is Scraplift challenge # 19, and the layouts are due by June 19th. I have been out of commission with scrapping for awhile, but Mousescrappers has helped me get back into the fun! I have so many Disney Pictures or Disney related pictures (such as birthdays, Halloween costumes, and more) that I have been busy scrapping these. Here is a preview for the PP I am offering. Hope y’all come by and enjoy in on the fun!

Preview 1 PP for Scraplift 19Preview 2 Pp for Scraplift 19

Friday, June 3, 2011

Sweet As Spring and a Call!

Hello Scrapland!  I am back with some gorgeous eye candy for you.  River Rose just released a new kit called Sweet As Spring and the colors are soft and beautiful.  I had so much fun playing with it and found it to be so easy to scrap with!  Here’s my layout with Sweet As Spring:


Here’s the preview, click it to be taken to the store:

And I also have some exciting news!  River Rose is having a CT call!  So, if you love all of the River Rose eye candy that I’ve been showing you and want to work with her stuff and spread the River Rose love around, check out this ad and email Bobbie!  I can’t wait to work with you!


Wednesday, June 1, 2011

A Day In the Life

Hello AGAIN Scrapland Smile!  I hope I’m not sending you into goodie overload!  The last kit I have to show you today is a really gorgeous kit by Scraps of Ellay called A Day In the Life.  She also put together a HUGE word art pack to go along with the kit, and I don’t think you’d want to miss it!

Here’s the layout I made with it:


Here’s the kit preview, click it to be taken to the store:


Well, that’s it for today!  I’m not sure you could handle any more eye candy anyway!  Have a great week and Happy Scrapping!

Bionic Rock

Hello again Scrapland!  I’m back with River Rose’s release from last week.  I had So much fun playing with it and it was perfect for scrapping the H.A.T.S. dance that my son’s school had last month.  Here’s the layout I did:


Here’s the super fun preview, click it to be taken to the store:

Amazing kit isn’t it?  I hope you like!  I’ll be back here again soon with a recent release from Scraps of Ellay!

Sweet Summer

Hello Scrapland!  I just realized tonight that I’ve been neglecting the blog!  I have a few kits to show you so bear with me!  This first one is a gorgeous kit by eNKay Design called Sweet Summer.  I LOVE her kits and the colors of this one are so elegant!  Here’s what I did with it:


And here’s the preview, click it to be taken to the store:

Breath taking huh?  And her templates are so easy to use and fun to play with!  I hope you enjoy what you saw!  I’ll be back very soon with more fun stuff!